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Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding in Eastbourne 

Floor sanding is always associated with mess and a lot of dust. Does it really have to be like this?

The answer is no! The Bona Dust care Systems is created with innovative three way components. The first one is a patented two-step cyclonic intake system. This ultra-high vacuum device attaches right to the floor sander, sucking up dust before it has a chance to escape into air or floor. The second is a hospital-grade HEPA filter that filters air until it is 99.9% clean.

The last and final component is our unique, anti-static sanding abrasive. This abrasive makes particles less able to cling to surfaces – which means less dust and less cleaning afterwards!

With Bona Dust Care System, dust does not have a chance!

So if you require your floor to be sanded and you do not want to spend hours cleaning, just call Victorian Wood Flooring and we will make sure that that all your furniture, bookshelves, electronics or curtains will stay dust free before, during and after sanding!

When Victorian Wood Flooring is using the Bona Care System you will not obtain any allergic reactions as its dust free sanding, so all particles which may cause them will not be released into the air during sanding! 

Our Process: Wood Floor Sanding and Restoraton.

Repairing and Securing Loose Floorboards

Floorboards, with passing time, may look as if they are in bad condition… there is hundreds of different reasons why the look of floorboards change. Plumbers or electricians may have cut through the boards, scratched or may just simply have holes from high heels! But all of above can be fixed by using reclaimed pine floorboards to replaced damaged boards and matched with your existing floor…

Gaps Filling Wooden Floor

Gap filling is an option which may help to prevent floor from catching dirt quicker whilst bringing a unique finish to your floor. Gap filling insulation stops draughts which is caused by the circulation of cold air brought in through the air bricks. Also it prevents a built up of dirt between the floor boards…

Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

Victorian Wood Flooring prides themselves on professional floor sanding. We use the best Swedish “Bona” sanding equipment, which includes a powerful vacuum system – the dust extraction systems on these machines results in about 3% dust!

Staining Wooden Floor

Staining a floor can change a look of your floor and home! Victorian Wood Flooring can make sure your floor will look unique and amazing at the same time! Staining your floor can bring warm and rich tones to a room. We use Morrells lightfast floor stains for excellent results. Morrells stains are hard wearing, fast drying and have a high capacity for colour depth and amazing grain definition!

Finishing Wood Floor

When wooden floor has been sanded it requires finishing with lacquer or oil to give it maximum protection. Lacquer is the most practical and hard wearing way to finish a floor and requires the least maintenance all around. We make sure that our lacquers are top quality materials thanks to which your floor will be protected on every inch!

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